We all have that room in our house that we hate going to because it’s empty. Although we keep thinking that we’ll eventually turn it into something, the room stays empty.

Aosom has come up with five different ways you can transform your spare room into a space that you will both love and use - until you decide to turn it into something else!

1. A Gym:
Going to the gym can sometimes be an ordeal, with traffic, unpleasant weather or just laziness affecting our motivation- not to mention the expensive costs of memberships these days. Consider bringing the gym to your home instead! There are tons of ways online to get motivated and create workouts that are tailored to your needs. Also, being in the comfort of your own home feels better after a long hard day at work. Check out the great selection of equipment we have and get started today: https://www.aosom.co.uk/sports-outdoors/exercise-fitness.html

2. A Game Room:
A game room is a great way to bond as a family and keep the kids busy on a Sunday afternoon. Not only will you create memories but you can take this opportunity to teach your children valuable skills: logic, attention, etc. We have a wide selection of toys and games your children are sure to enjoy: https://www.aosom.co.uk/toys-games.html.
No children? No problem! Game rooms can be perfectly suitable for adults. Instead of going out with your friends and spending extra money, your game room can be the new place where you and your friends can hang out! For example, check out this foldable beer pong table: https://www.aosom.co.uk/sports-outdoors/leisure-sports-games/folding-beer-pong-table.html

3. An Office:
Although you may not want to bring work home with you, a home office is the perfect way to make sure you can work productively and efficiently if you need to. Furthermore, an office space is a perfect place to help your kids with their homework; you can keep an eye on them, help them with their research and create a calm and quiet environment where they can concentrate! Not to mention, with an office, you now have the possibility to work from home. Even if your spare room is quite small, we have tons of options for you to choose from; view them all here - and start working from home today: https://www.aosom.co.uk/office-products.html

4. A Storage Room:
Are your Christmas trees and other holiday ornaments stashed up in a closet somewhere, falling out every time you open the door? Are your closets full to the brim of random memorabilia and other household items? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are definitely in need of a storage room! With our different storage solution items, you are sure to solve your storage problems. Start organizing today: https://www.aosom.co.uk/home-decor/storage-organization.html

5. A Home for Your Pet:
If your pet takes up a significant amount of room, why not give it all the space it needs? With our great selection of pet supplies, you can create a home just for your pet. Even if you do not have the biggest of dogs or cats, your pet is really going to appreciate their own space! Click on the link to view all of the possibilities that await you; from a multitude of pet beds to toys and other furniture items: https://www.aosom.co.uk/pet-supplies.html

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