Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year with spirits high, temperatures low and tummies full of food and drink! Giving gifts on the other hand is one of the bigger challenges we all face during this festive period. Do I get that colleague I’m acquainted but not really close with a gift? Would my in-laws like this floor lamp? Will this be good enough for my other half? Trends and interests change every year so let us help you find the perfect present this Christmas.
There are 3 questions you want to ask yourself before thinking about buying a gift.

1.Who is it for?

2.What’s the budget?

3.How long do I have?!

Who Is the Gift For?

Whoever you’re buying for chances are that you’ll know them better than you think (even if you’ve got a stranger for Secret Santa)! Look for the common interests that you share and build from that. Knowing what someone doesn’t like will also help. You could gift them something resourceful for everyone, or, if you’re really stuck, ask around. Others may know something that you don’t know and save you a lot of time thinking and researching.

Budget & Time

It’s no common misconception that purse strings become tighter during Christmas, so it’s important to set a budget before even looking at your gift options.
During December many retailers offer hot deals, plus many sites online also have discount codes. Keep your eye out for bundle offers too, as you could kill two birds with one stone, by buying two gift sets and saving even more money!
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The 25th is the big day but plenty of gift exchanges between co-workers, friends, and neighbours before then so be sure to take this into account and be sure to buy even earlier!
The best deals you will get are most likely to be online so be sure to double check delivery times to ensure you get your gift on time.


Once you know all the above now it’s time to choose your gift!
We always recommend browsing online for gifts as you can do it from the convenience of your own home without the hustle and bustle of the high street. Online retailers have made the shopping experience so much easier. You can browse by category, gender, age, and so on for plenty of ideas and inspiration.
Check out Aosom’s Gift Guide    
If you’re still stuck for ideas, start to think outside the box. A gift doesn’t have to be a product. Experience days, concert tickets, dinner at a fancy exclusive restaurant and subscriptions to a charity or magazine are becoming increasingly popular.

The Exchange

Now you’ve chosen the gift, the difficult part is done, but the process is far from over!
The experience of opening the gift is just as important as the actual contents, the wrapping paper, the shape, the shaking of the box, and then, the grand finale.
And remember, a nicely wrapped and decorated gift will also look great under the tree

There are always 2 types of present openers in the world – the careful one and the messy shredder!
However, you open your gift and whatever gift you receive. We are at Aosom like to thank you for an amazing year, wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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