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UK Staycations: The best spots to visit this Summer Bank Holiday

Come August 24th, Summer will officially be over with the last UK Bank Holiday before Christmas. Meaning, for many, one last chance to catch the sun over an extended weekend. But why spend your precious hours and hard-earned cash travelling abroad when you could opt for staycation? And with the wealth of beautiful landscapes on offer here in the UK, we’ve compiled our best spots for you to pop into your sat nav as soon as you’ve waved goodbye to work for the following three days.

For the adventurers:

Newquay: It’s renowned for being one of the best UK spots to surf, meaning even if you’ve always wanted to learn or are lacking on equipment, then this is the place to go to.

Scotland: If Scuba Diving is more your forte, then Scotland is the ideal place to go. There’s plenty of choice too. From Scapa Flow in Orkney to St Kilda in Outer Hebrides and to the St Abbs Marine Reserve, there’s many spectacular places to visit and explore what marine life is around.

North Tyneside: It’s a place that has lots of things to do, making it a superb choice for the multi-adventurers. Whether it’s go-karting, kayaking, boarding or walking along Hadrian’s Wall, there’s something for everyone up North.

For the large groups:

Ilfracombe: Located in North Devon, this idyllic seaside place is perfect for getting away from the busy city life. It’s also home to many large capacity holiday places - great for going with all your friends. Within close proximity to Croyde, Barnstaple and Woolacombe, there’s plenty to explore, lots of beaches to relax and many fish and chips to be had!

Brighton: Vibrant with plenty of attractions, bars and restaurants, Brighton has something for everyone, which is why it’s fantastic for larger groups looking for lots to do. And as it’s only a short train journey from London, getting there is effortlessly quick.

For learning & history

Bath: As one of the most historically rich places in the U.K., Bath is a must-see location for those looking to pick their brains. Take the Roman baths, the impeccable architecture, the famous Abbey and pair with the array of places to dine and relax after a long day exploring.

Edinburgh: Indeed, the journey takes a little longer to travel than other locations, but this city is well worth the journey. It’s full of historic and fascinating landmarks, including Arthur’s Seat, the Scott Monument, Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and much, much more.

For getting away from it all:

North Wales: It’s home to three of Wales’ five areas of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ - the Llŷn Peninsula, the Clwydian Range and the Isle of Anglesey, making it ideal for immersing yourself into the beautiful landscapes with no disruptions.

Dorset: Located South West of England, this picturesque place is home to multiple beaches, landscapes and greenery to leave you completely at ease.

For families and pets

Cotswolds: As well as being family friendly, this rural place welcomes dogs with open arms, making it an unquestionable spot for big group staycations. Whether it’s going for long walks along the green landscape, taking a trip to a wildlife park or treating yourself to a long spa day, you won’t be stuck for choice.

The Peak District: For the ultimate experience, choose a self-catering lodge (many allow pets and children). Endless greenery, Gulliver's Kingdom and an array of historic houses are just some of the things to name a few. No-one will be bored, that’s guaranteed.

  • Properly check the weather for appropriate clothing - the UK and it’s ever-changing weather can catch you off guard.
  • Properly disconnect - turn off phones and other distractions.
  • Don’t have a schedule. Things are sometimes better left off unplanned!
  • Try the new experiences and put your fears to one side.
  • Rent out bikes for the day with just a map.
  • If taking family and pets with you, make sure you pack activities for them if they get bored.
  • Make sure you set a budget!
  • If travelling by car during peak times of the year, make sure you leave early in the morning to avoid traffic jams on the motorway.

If you are only able to travel as far as your front door this Bank Holiday, don’t worry. There’s plenty you can do!

  • Gather your friends, make your favourite food and go to your most cherished secluded spot for a picnic. Just remember to get a picnic basket.
  • Make the most of the last sun and heat we’ll have this year with a BBQ. Invite your family, friends, neighbours and make a day/night out of it. Don’t forget your BBQ (our wide selection can be found here), outdoor seating and heating if you’re looking to extend the day into the night.
  • How about having your own pamper day? You could book a mobile masseuse, or if you’re looking for your own equipment, why not have a browse through our extensive range of massage chairs, foot spas and more.

Have you had any great staycations you’d love to tell us about? Or are you planning your own getaway this Bank Holiday? Let us know below!

Jul,30,2019 By uk_admin

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