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Pawhut 80x60cm Heavy Duty Pet Metal Playpen Foldable Rabbit Pig Hutch Run Enclosure-Black | Aosom UK
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£50.99 £98.99
PawHut Retractable Dog Pet Safety Gate Barrier Baby Kids Folding Protector Home Doorway Room Divider Stair Guard-White | Aosom UK
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£31.99 £89.99
Pawhut Heavy Duty Puppy Pen 80 x100 cm Black Dog Pet Metal Playpen Rabbit Pig Hutch Run Enclosure Foldable Black x 100 cm (Large) 4 Sizes Cage Folding Fence Garden | Aosom UK
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£69.99 £128.99
Pawhut 80x80cm Foldable Pet Metal Playpen Rabbit Pig Hutch Run Enclosure-Black  | Aosom UK
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£57.99 £135.99
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£75.99 £129.99
Pawhut Free Standing Folding 3 Panel Pet Gate Child Safety Fence Wooden Foldable Dog Indoor Portable Separation Barrier Guard | Aosom UK
Pawhut Green PVC Coated Wire Mesh Fencing 30m Dark Welded Fencing Chicken Poultry Aviary Fence Run Hutch Pet Rabbit Dark AviaryFence | Aosom UK
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£43.99 £145.99
Pawhut Metal Kennel Cage Heavy Duty Dog Pet W/Wheels and Crate Tray | Aosom UK
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£79.99 £113.99
PawHut 61Lx61W cm Metal Pet Cage 8 Panels | aosom.co.uk
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£22.99 £72.99
PawHut Pets Heavy Duty Metal Foldable Kennel w/ PVC Tray Grey | Aosom UK
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£44.99 £63.99
HOMCOM Fabric Pet Dog Playpen, 37cmx37cmx95cm-Blue/Black
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£24.99 £69.99
Pawhut Dog Crate, Folding-Brown | Aosom UK
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£22.99 £68.99
Pawhut 85cm Elevated Dog Kennel Wooden Pet House Outdoor Waterproof | aosom.co.uk
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£50.99 £103.99
HOMCOM Fabric Pet Dog Playpen 37x37x95 cm-Pink/Cream
5% off everything with Code: Feb
£21.99 £49.99
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Dog Cages & Playpens

Dog Crates and Dog Kennels

Sometimes you need you need to crate and kennel your dog, whether you’re doing important house work or need to leave the house for an extended period of time. Pawhut has a number of dog cages that safely and comfortably house your dog. We have both indoor dog kennels and outside dog kennels, depending on your needs. Our chain link dog kennel allows your dog to enjoy the fresh air. We have large dog crates and extra-large dog crates to ensure your dog has enough space to move comfortably. We even have XXXL dog crates for larger dogs that like to move around. And small dog crates for smaller dogs that don’t require as much space. We have dog crate furniture, for when you want something attractive in your home, and large dog kennels, when you have space in your backyard.

Aosom has dog kennels for sale to suit any situation you might have for your dog. Maybe you need a cat kennel? We even have those too. We have small dog kennels, for smaller breeds, puppy kennels, for younger pups, extra-large dog kennels, for larger breeds, and dog run kennels, to make sure your dog has space to play when it’s kenneled up. Big dog kennels can last longer for growing pets. We have large dog kennels for sale in various shapes so you find the right fit for your backyard. A large kennel is a good bet for housing multiple dogs. A dog kennel and run provides space to play and shelter for your dog. Our metal dog kennels are built to sturdy and durable and last you a lifetime. A medium dog kennel is a good fit for most sized dogs or two smaller ones. And XXL dog kennel can comfortably house two large dogs. Animal kennels are designed to house your pets safely and comfortably while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors. Inside dog kennels are available for people who live in colder climates and want their pets to be safe and warm. If you can fit a large indoor dog kennel in your home, we have one available for you.

If you don’t have the space for a kennel, we have dog crates for sale to suit your crating needs. Our heavy duty dog crates are durable and built to withstand the test of time. We have large dog cages to crate up larger dogs, medium dog crates for medium sized dogs, and small dog cages for small and toy dogs. We have puppy crates for young dogs, even cat crates for crating your feline friends. Our pet cages are made to securely and comfortably contain your animals. We sell dog crate pads to give them a comfortable place to lie down in our metal dog crates. We sell soft dog crates as well for people who think metal is too harsh for their dog. We also carry portable dog crates, so you can take your crate on the road, and decorative dog crates, for people who want something attractive to house their dogs. Worried about your dog not having enough space? We carry big dog crates that supply your animals with more space than our medium sized dog crates. Just got a dog? We have puppy cages specially made for smaller puppies. Have a rambunctious dog? We have heavy duty dog cages made to take a beating. We have dog cages for sale to suit every type of dog and dog owner imaginable. If you’re looking for the best dog crate, look no further than Pawhut’s pet crates.

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