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What is Aosom Visitor Mystery Shopper?
We value our customers' feedback and we're always looking for ways to improve the experience and usability of our website. By submitting your honest feedback and suggestions, we can learn what our real customers think of our website and make changes to improve the shopping experience.
How about the reward?
As a token of our appreciation for your feedback, we are offering up to 50% (maximum £50) refund on your order.
How does it work?
1. Sign-up to become an Aosom Visitor by filling in a short form. There are limited spaces.
2. We will select a sample to carry-out an order as they would usually on the website.
3. A questionnaire detailing your experience will be sent out to gather your comments and feedback
4. A refund of up to £50 will be issued for your order.
How can I become a Visitor?
To sign up, simply click on this link here and fill in your information. We will review your application and if approved, will send you further instructions.
There are currently 0 open signup slots available
Become a Visitor Mystery Shopper
Fill out a short questionnaire
Order & report
Shop as normal and tell us about your experience by submiting a test report
Get your reward!
Get up to 50% (max £50) of your order refunded.
Q: Can I become an Aosom Visitor Mystery Shopper?
A: Yes, but there is a limited number of spaces available and once spaces have been filled, we will stop further recruitment and your application will not be processed.
Q: How can I become an Aosom Visitor Mystery Shopper?
A: Simply fill out this application form and hit submit. If your answers match our requirements, we will send you further information within 3 working days.
Q: What do I get?
A: We are offering between 30%-50% (max £50) refund of your order. You will receive this within 7 working days of submitting your report. The amount of discount you get is random.
Q: Can I return my order?
A: We provide normal after sales service for your order. No value greater than the order will be refunded. (For e.g., if your order has a value of £100 and we offered £50 reward for your report, if you choose to return the item, an additional £50 will be refunded).
Aosom Visitor Application
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