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Extra fun in the sun for kids this summer

It’s summertime! Which means, we’ll spend more time outdoors – the perfect chance to get the kids out, away from televisions, tablets and computers, and enjoy all benefits outside has to offer. It can be down the local park, a nearby beach or in your garden. Wherever you may be, it’s an opportunity (that we don’t get often!) to take advantage of some pleasant weather.

Being outdoors is fun and comes with lots of health benefits. One of them being, more vitamin D, which comes directly from the sun. It helps build strong bones and teeth, so it’s vital all youngsters get their recommended dose of vitamin D.

Anyone with children will tell you, it’s not easy keeping them entertained, even if it is outdoors. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of different activities to keep your little ones occupied in the sunshine.  

For the sports lovers!

The great thing about sports is, everyone can get involved. Not only is it entertaining and engaging, but it keeps kids healthy and active. It’s also great for child development – both physically and mentally. On the physical side, it’s great for cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of obesity and promotes strong and healthy bones. For the mental, it develops social skills, boosts their confidence and encourages critical thinking.   

For the football fans, this two-in-one goal net will provide hours of fun. On one side, there’s five different holes – the aim is to kick the ball into one of the small targets, testing their accuracy. The other side is an open net, where they can enjoy scoring goals and practising their shooting. For something more realistic, this goal net does the job. It’s bigger and resembles the ones we see on the pitch. Kids can emulate their heroes, as they whack the ball into the top corner. 

This hoop and stand is for the basketball and netball lovers. It’s made with durable steel and nylon netting – perfect for outdoor use. The height is adjustable, so all ages can get in on the fun of shooting hoops.

Want to be like Tiger Woods? Why not try this fun golf target! It’s super easy to use, so whether you love golf or trying for the first time, everyone can have fun with this net. Set up almost like a tent, you’ve got a massive bullseye – the aim of the game, is to hit the ball as hard as you can towards the target. It takes only a few minutes to set up, then your little ones can find out how good their swing is. 

With sports games, you can add rules and make it competitive, bringing even more fun and engagement for children. They can play alone or with friends.

Got energy?

All some kids want to do is play, play and play – we’ve got something for them too, which is guaranteed to wear them out.

Kids with (what seems like) limitless energy are always looking for what’s next. In other words, they get bored too quickly. This four-in-one bouncy castle ensures getting bored isn’t an option. With two slides, two trampolines, a water pool and climbing wall, there’s more than enough to keep your little ones entertained. It can fit up to four kids at once, so they can play with siblings and friends.

 They’ll enjoy this extravagant play area in complete safety, thanks to the surrounding net, which stops them falling off, whilst the 11 ground stakes keep this inflatable securely to the ground. And the best thing? There’s an electric air blower included, so it can be set up within minutes.

 Albeit, this four-in-one castle might be too large, so if you’re looking for something smaller, then this 64-inch trampoline is the way to go.  Suitable for one child at a time, they’ll spend their time bouncing up and down, burning all the energy they have. It’s surrounded by a safety net, keeping them secure as they jump.

Too hot?

Picture this – the sun is scorching, you and the kids would love to cool off, so what do you do? The correct answer is get in the paddling pool. This one can fit up to four people – a luxury for the whole family to enjoy.

Easy to set up, just inflate using the included hand pump, then add water. When done, drain with the included valve and deflate; relaxing in the water made super simple.

The classics!

Nowadays, most children are very reliant on technology, especially for entertainment. However, for kids, nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned seesaw or swing. They’re so simple, yet so enjoyable – there’s a reason why you still see them at playgrounds.

They often take up little space and kids love them! This garden swing is the perfect example – all you must do, is attach it to something strong (like a tree branch) and start swinging. Yep, it’s that simple.

If you’ve got nothing to attach – not to worry! You can opt for this swing set. It’s a single swing with bright colours – just as you’d expect in the playground. The ropes are adjustable, so they can continue using as they grow.

The other classic – a seesaw. This one from Outsunny has a 360° rotation, adding to the fun. As we know, seesaws require two people, so they can play with a sibling or friend.  Although, this seesaw has four seats, so more can enjoy the fun.

If you’ve got enough space, then go for this set that has it all; two swings and a seesaw. Four children can play at once, letting them socialise with siblings and friends. This set turns your garden into a proper playground, like the ones you see down the local park. It’ll provide unlimited fun for your child(ren). 

Create your own beach

The sun is out; you want to take the kids to the beach. The problem is, there’s no beaches nearby or they’re jampacked with people. The solution? Create your own. Sandboxes come in all shapes and sizes – it doesn’t matter how big your space is, there will be enough room for children to enjoy playing with the sand. They’ll play, make sandcastles and dig – all the classics the beach has to offer.

This sandbox is simple and doesn’t take up much space. It’s easy to set up; place it in the garden and fill with sand. It has three seats, so they don’t have to sit directly in the sand and get dirty. It can be left outside all year, thanks to its durable plastic. It also comes with a water-resistant cover, keeping the play area clean and ready to be used again.

For one that captures the imagination, this ship-designed sandbox is the one to get. Great for gardens, its bottomless design and removable linen stops sand getting everywhere, keeping your space clean. There’s a seat and a wheel, so the ‘captain’ can take charge of the ship.

If the sun becomes too much, your child shouldn’t have to stop playing. Choosing a sandbox with a canopy will put your worries to rest. They can enjoy all the perks in the comfortable shade, with less risk of getting sunburnt.

Sit back and relax...

Sometimes, it’s not about having an activity, it’s about having somewhere to lay and relax. A comfortable outdoor seat makes the world of difference – it really is priceless!

Kids can read, nap and play with their toys in a cosy lounge chair, like this one from Outsunny. Whether they’d like to sit up or lay back, the adjustable backrest lets them choose the best position.  If they’ve got a friend or sibling, then why not go for this two-piece option, which comes with a pair of identical lounge chairs.

Sometimes the sun can get too much, so shade is important. This wooden lounge chair has a canopy, so they can sit all day whilst staying cool. There’s also this two-seat swing chair, which also has a canopy. They can gently swing back and forth in the nice weather. It comes with seatbelts, so they don’t fall of their seat. 

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