Everything to be BBQ ready this Summer

We all love a BBQ here in the UK. It’s a great opportunity to gather with family and friends, in the sun and enjoy plenty of good food and drink. But, in order to make sure that your Summer parties are the most sizzling of successes – and not just some damp squib – then you need to start with the right equipment.

So what can be guaranteed after reading this blog? Your BBQ skills will be the talk of the town, of course…


You’re going to have a pretty difficult time putting ‘shrimps on the barbie’ without the barbie. When it comes to barbecue types, there are several varieties; the one you need all depends on your cooking wants and needs.

From small portable tripod grills, through to luxury quadruple-burner propane cookers, there’s a barbecue for everyone out there. You might just not know it quite yet.


They’re amongst the most common barbecue types, adorning gardens up and down the country. Running off propane or butane cylinders, gas barbecues cook quickly, are easy to clean and emit less smoke than their charcoal counterparts. You can also control the temperature of a gas barbecue relatively easily – making cooking much easier to control how you want food cooked. Just keep in mind of the expense of replacing heavy gas bottles.

Sounds like a gas barbecue is for you? Then this deluxe option from Outsunny is big and bold enough to tackle all your barbecuing needs – even for larger parties!


Charcoal barbecues are the original when it comes to barbecuing tradition. They are key to producing that definitive, smoky barbecue flavour we all know and love.

Charcoal barbecues at their core are pretty simple things: it’s a tray for your coals, topped with a grill, and put on some legs – that’s all there is to it. Now, of course, there are more sophisticated examples, like this Outsunny combo steel BBQ, but never forget that the beauty of the charcoal barbecue lies in its simplicity. Simple, like this stainless steel grill.


If you’re looking to go down the extra-traditional route, then do it by roasting a whole hog or chicken on a rotisserie (otherwise known as a spit) is a good way to go. Although these might not be what you need for your everyday barbecue, if you’re looking to really make an impression for a special occasion? Well, get ready to get turning!


If you’re going camping or to the beach, and you want something that’s better than a shop-bought disposable barbecue, then a small portable barbecue will do the trick perfectly. A portable barbecue will typically have foldable components to maximise space efficiency, making them ideal for packing in the boot of your car and carrying to your chosen location.



Nobody wants to be grilling under direct sun. After all, you want to be grilling food, not your skin! Easily solvable with our specialised BBQ gazebos, giving you safe shade whilst cooking, whilst creating a point of style in your outdoor spot.


The curiosity of kids can lead to injuries. To keep them entertained and feeling like they’re still part of the cooking action, then a toy barbecue/kitchen set is ideal; using only the powers of their imagination and a colourful play set, your children will come up with culinary delights whilst keeping them safe and out of the way!


Grilling is a tiring business; up on your feet all day, providing food for everyone, attending the grill with utmost dedication. You deserve to put your feet up after all that cooking, and a reclining sun lounger is just the thing for it. So, sit back, let somebody else take care of the grill for a bit, and pour yourself a glass of something nice and cold. You’ve given the barbecue, now give yourself a break!


Your barbecue might have died down, but that’s no reason why the party should. Evenings spent out in the fading sun are the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, share a drink and make some memories. Knowing our climate, though, it can end up getting pretty chilly, pretty quickly.

That’s why you should consider purchasing a patio/space heater for your garden. Whether you’re after a hanging heater, something freestanding or even a traditional log burner fire pit, there’s plenty of ways to keep warm, however you like it.


Tidying and getting everything looking its best, again, couldn’t be easier – with full help of our  HOMCOM steam cleaner. Clean your barbecue the day after you’ve used it to prevent residual grease and grime from baking in. 

Turn on your steam cleaner and give the grill surfaces a thorough once over once it’s up to temperature. This should clean off most of the fatty residues. Then, use a spray bottle to apply some warm, soapy detergent, before wiping the grill surfaces down with a scouring sponge or cloth. If you’re using a charcoal grill, then make sure to remove the used briquettes.

Summer will quickly come and go in the blink of an eye – enjoy it with complete deliciousness in the form of a BBQ.

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