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We all know how important making and utilising space in the home is. Especially for those who live in smaller places. As we cosy on into Autumn, spending more time indoors comes naturally, so now's the time to be making your rest-and-relax space as welcoming as ever. Whether your home is with the family, or sharing with the best mates, come check our best ways to integrate storage in the home for a stressless and clutter-free environment.


Sofas are undoubtedly the communal go-to spot. But to make them the must-have gathering place, they need to be comfortable and snuggly, which of course is aided by adding cushions and blankets. Where they go when done can never be a problem with a storage sofa. Simply lift the seat and pack away. A storage sofa just like this one: a compact design means it’s especially suitable for even small homes and studios. And guess what? That grey colour is right on point for the trend conscious.


Where floor space can lack, adding things higher up can help – a lot. The first and easiest way to do this is with a bookcase or shelving unit. Unpack, assemble and set upon where you want it to fit. Bare shelving units are great for those who want free rein with dressing up how they want. And for those who want something a bit mixed, where you can fuse open and hidden storage, this industrial-style piece, which gives you three open shelves and a bottom cupboard – the best of both worlds presented in a beautiful and stylish design.

Something for the kids? Well how about this small bookcase with a padded top seat? Small enough to fit into those compact spaces, it’s got six compartments to hold their favourite reads. They’ll love hiding away here on a rainy day and catching their own peace.

For adding higher up storage, but something much more minimal, then you can’t go wrong with a simple set of shelves. Our HOMCOM three pack option is super easy to set in place – you can position them anywhere you like to make your space look exactly as wanted. Versatility screams with these pieces – fix them up in the hallway, the bedroom – and those small wall areas you find tough to do anything with them.


Reasons why we love this piece of furniture? It gives you a comfortable seat to relax on, as well as nifty storage inside. Ottomans are easy to find and there’s always plenty in different styles to match your decor. For example, if you want something on the little more elegant side, then this half circle one is a great contender, thanks to its top buttons and the round carved legs. The flat side allows it to be propped up directly against your bed, a wall or tucked into a corner.

If you like to do it the more modern way, this faux leather version is a must: the sleek finish is great for pairing with your executive-style chair in the study; its padded top works perfectly as a footstool or as a resting spot as you take a break from work. Use the inside storage for keeping those important papers safely tucked away together.

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