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Whether you have a hamster or a rabbit, a guinea pig or chickens, you’ll know just how important a good animal house or hutch is. From relatively simplistic wire mesh frames to more luxurious, spacious options, the animal house you should buy depends on various factors, including budget, where your pet lives, and just how much you want to spoil your pet. Let’s dive into the different options we have right now.


Money’s tight at the minute, but this doesn’t mean sacrificing on a good-quality hutch or animal house. This PawHut Rabbit Hutch features galvanised wire for protection and a handy removable droppings tray for easier cleaning than ever before. And at under £60, this is a hutch that won’t break the bank either.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: The raised hutch legs ensure the base of the house doesn’t get wet, so inside won’t get wet. 

WATCH OUT: This very same elevated design means  this hutch might not be suitable for older, less mobile animals, or those with any joint conditions like arthritis, for whom movement is more difficult.


If you’ve got several rabbits or guinea pigs, then you’ll be after something a little more capacious when it comes to your choice of hutch. Let’s say you have four rabbits, a simple small hutch just isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, how about this 2-in-1 hutch from PawHut offers two combinable hutches to create one ultimate, roomy rabbit villa? Covered with waterproof paint, asphalt roofing, and featuring optimal ventilation, this hutch will feel anything but crowded to your rabbits.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: This hutch features a whopping eight lockable entrances with which to easily access your animals within your hutch.

WATCH OUT: Make sure you have enough room for this hutch – it really is quite large!


If you own a housebound pet, either through necessity or just because your guinea pig or rabbit prefers the plush feel of carpet under its feet rather than dry, itchy dirt (who can blame them) then a purpose-built animal house for the indoors is your best option. These pens are typically more lightweight than their outdoor counterparts, a result of their not having to withstand external weather conditions.

This easy-to-assemble playpen from PawHut is highly affordable and features non-slip pads to keep it stable and secure on even the smoothest of indoor floors. The playpen is ideal for a number of small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and even hedgehogs. Keep your pets safe, secure and – most importantly – happy with this high-quality playpen.


OUR FAVOURITE THING: This playpen can be styled into a variety of different shapes, both to suit the space available to you, and also to keep things stimulating and interesting for your pet!

WATCH OUT: This playpen isn’t suitable for either rats or hamsters.


Want to give your hamster something a bit more stimulating than just endless hours on the hamster wheel? Well, this multi-level rodent house from PawHut offers the ideal solution. With ladders, pipes, ramps and – yes, of course, still the traditional wheel – this hamster cage will stimulate your little companion and keep him/her interested for hours on end.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: This cage features an openable roof providing you with super-easy access. What’s more, despite its complex design, this cage is very easy to assemble.

WATCH OUT: With so many different tubes and component parts, cleaning can take a little longer than more simplistic cage designs.


Some of us like to spoil our pets, and why not? Anybody who has a pet knows just how integral a part of the family they are. If you’ve got the disposable income in your pocket and want to give your chickens (or rabbits) the run of the roost, then this PawHut walk-in chicken run is the perfect thing! With a strong mesh frame, it will help keep out predators like foxes, too.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: This coop comes with a huge amount of space for your animals to run around and play in, unsupervised. It’s also weather-resistant, too!

WATCH OUT: Assembly might take more than one person given its large size.

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