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Reworking your home for Autumn

Cue the evenings drawing in earlier, the air becoming crisper and the leaves slowing draining into hearty shades of rustic hues. Autumn has finally dawned upon us, shifting from the long hot days into the nights where all we want to do is get cosy and snuggle up on the sofa.

With the new season finally in our clutches, it’s time to place hard focus on our homes. Indeed, we may have experienced a large chunk of our 2020 working under the very same roof, but for the next few months ahead, we will relish shutting ourselves indoors, out of the cold and out of our own choice. And this is why, even more so than ever, it’s time to think about revamping and refreshing your home until Spring lights up our faces once again. To help, we’ve compiled our top tips for transforming your safe haven into a place you’ll love to be around.


Take a look outside, and you’ll instantly identify Autumnal colours. Chocolate browns, auburns, coopers, mysterious greys and rich greens are the ones on the agenda and what you should be indulging in. The best thing about opting for darker colours is they are much more versatile and blendable as opposed to Spring and Summer shades. As a consequence, it is also easier to match standalone pieces so you can mix-and-match new and old furniture to expand your collection.

Still on-trend than ever before, take to industrial styling for a look which will bring your home up to speed on the fashion front. Blending warm brown and black together creates a neutral standing point which mixes in flawlessly with your current furnishings. Our range of industrial pieces – from the tables, to the chairs, shelving units and more – establish a muted canvas which won’t be stealing the spotlight (just quite yet…).


Another trend which continues to hold strong is Scandi. The look is simple and the outcome is strong, allowing those who prefer the minimal look to make an impact in an ultra-effortless way. However for the Autumnal look, it’s time to shy away from the light colours, and this time focus more on warmth and especially on the structures and shapes. For the easiest way to allow this style into your surroundings, why not bring an armchair into the equation? Our top picks from our collection for the season is this green velvet chair and this wooden frame chair.


Focus on textures for a more rounded transformation. Materials like velvet, fleece and soft wools work wonders with the darker tones as mentioned earlier. Just like colour, building textures is pretty easy and actually looks better when mix-and-matched together. If you’re looking to keep the lid on your budget, look to cushions and throws: as well as switching up the look instantly, they also keep you warm and comfortable – exactly what is needed for the colder evenings! If, however, your budget does extend further, why not go for this sofa bed? Not only does it come in a season-approved rustic brown, but it is superbly comfortable and seats up three people with plenty of room – a must for those family and friend movie nights.

It’s the first step for any seasonal changeover – giving your home a deep clean so it’s fresh and ready to go. An Autumn clean is just as essential as one in Spring, ensuring it declutters your space and presses reset for a new(ish) look and feel. Hygienically speaking, it’s also essential for beds, pillows and carpets to rid them of mites, dead skin and other debris which will have built up in the Summer heat.

Start by focusing top to bottom from the walls, paying particular attention to any corners and spots which have been covered for a while. This is a prime location for Spiders and insects to congregate, so it’s always best to check these areas. Cleaning top to bottom will bring everything downwards to hoover up easily. Focus on your furniture too, especially those cherished wooden pieces. Use beeswax to revitalise the beauty and help protect from the cold air and moisture which will have started to circulate around.

Whilst you’re in the process of cleaning the home, why not consider rearranging the furniture? Doing it straight after your deep clean is the most logical, hygienic and time-saving approach – it’s a win-win situation. Of course, however you want to have your furniture arranged is completely up to you, but it’s worth considering going for a more closed-in look, which not only helps confirm that cosy feeling, but helps trap heat better for natural insulation.


Autumnal scents are usually the most rich and intriguing: Pumpkin spices, sandalwoods and that almost musky smell of gathered leaves. The change of the fresh Summer breeze to the balmy aromatics is really quite noticeable, and you too should make it apparent in the home, pairing with the darker tones in your furnishings for a really homely and welcoming atmosphere.

The easiest way to fill your space with your newest chosen scent is of course with candles. Thanks to the wide selection available both in-store and online, finding a new favourite fragrance is extremely easy. And, as well as filling the room from corner to corner with a beautiful smell, candles help create this blissful escapism vibe, especially when the sunlight is starting to dim in the evenings.



Another season-appropriate way is to bring potpourri into your home. This is the most natural and beautiful looking way. The mix of different petals, leaves and spices means you’ll have a unique and delicate smell running through your home. Place it in a bowl, a jar or leave it in clusters around the home – however and wherever you want it is completely up to you. Potpourri is also perfect for hanging around coat hangers to keep coats and jackets scented. Simply place in a mesh bag and tie around the metal hook.

If you like the modern approach, reed diffusers and electronic diffusers are always the best option to go to.


It’s a weird time of year for outdoor dining in the evening when Autumn begins. We’re stuck in this almost kind of flux, where it’s noticeably cooler outdoors, but not quite cold enough to warrant keeping ourselves within the same four walls.

The first important thing to consider is keeping you and your family/guests warm – the easiest way to do this is with an outdoor heater, such as this 1500W on-wall piece from Outsunny. It will help prolong your evenings for those precious last hours you’ll want to cherish. Coming from above, it will disperse the heat evenly for all those who sit below it. If you’re searching for something a little bit more traditional, as such, a fire pit is a fantastic option to consider.



Looking after furniture is essential to ensure it survives the upcoming months. After all, it’s there to be used for the future years, isn’t it? If you’re planning to still use your tables, chairs and everything else for the time being, then instead of storing it, start protecting each piece. For wood, you should first clean it with hot soapy water. This will ensure a clean canvas. Next have a feel for any rough patches and sand down gently. One all is ready, use a suitable protective coating of your choice.
For metals, cleaning is pretty straight forward – wipe over with water. You can polish over with car wax which creates a water-resistant shield. Be aware, that aluminium does have the tendency to oxidise, so whilst the colour can change, the strength will still remain. Regular cleaning will keep the colour in check.

As the Autumn kicks into gear, we highly recommend the use of an outdoor cover. For all types of furniture, nothing else is more effective to shield from weather and dirt, ensuring everything will be protected when you’re caught off guard as the weather takes a turn for the worst. And as the Autumn slowly drifts into WInter, make sure you are using a cover permanently – regardless if the furniture is kept indoors or stored in your shed.

Are you switching up your home look for the Autumn (and Winter) ahead? Let us know in the comment section below.

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