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Spring bucket list

Spring Bucket List

Hello Spring! Our days are now longer, sunnier, and warmer so there is no better time to do something new. Be it for self-care or caring for others, here are 22 things to do this Spring (in any order!).

☐ Spring Clean!

This doesn’t need to take a life-time. A swift dust and shine, clean the windows & vacuum every floor of your home.

☐ Buy yourself a bunch of seeds and grow your own flowers.

It’s amazing that a flower grows from what appears to be a dry little brown seed. There is nothing more exciting than to grow a flower from scratch.

☐ Explore your neighbourhood on foot.

No better way to discover the small details of your neighbourhood than by foot. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear!

☐ Open the windows!

It’s easy to forget, but the breeze blowing throughout your home is undeniably refreshing.

☐ Buy a pretty print for your wall.

Whether it’s a landscape, a quote, something personalised, a watercolour or something abstract, why not bring something new to hang on the wall? /span>

☐ Eat breakfast outdoors or in your garden.

Fresh air is the cherry on top to the most important meal of your day. Sit on your garden bistro set, or on your local green’s park.

☐ Read a book in the park.

Oh the weather outside is delightful, and to read outside is vital!

☐ Volunteer for a charity.

There are so many benefits to volunteering. You gain confidence, self-esteem, practical experience, meet new people, gain new skills and above all feel-good selflessness.

☐ Go all plant-based/vegan for a day.

Going plant-based is great for your health! According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, vegans are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure than those who eat animal produce. You can get all the nutrients you need to be healthy from plant sources, such as fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, and meat substitutes such as soy. Give it a go and feel amazing!

☐ Visit a Farmer’s Market.

Ride your bike to a Farmer’s Market for a wholesome day picking the freshest local produce. Make sure to attach a cargo trailer to your bike to bring the load back home.

☐ Create a Spring photo album.

This really is the cherry on top to celebrate all the sweet moments of your 2020 Spring.

☐ Thrift some old clothes into ‘new’.

Thrifting clothes is gentler on the environment by reducing pollution and waste. Let’s keep Spring enjoyable for many years to come by recycling.

☐ Press some flowers.

Flowers hold sentimental value for so many people. Whether they were a gift, or they remind you of a moment in your life, flowers bring joy that we want to make last. Place the flower face down in a heavy book lined with parchment paper. Close the book and weigh it down and leave undisturbed for 7-10 days. You can even put some of these in your Spring Photo Album for decoration!.

☐ Hang a wind chime outside.

Make sure to choose a windy location!

☐ Create a Spring playlist!

Whether it’s nostalgic classics or current chart toppers, put together your favourite tunes to compliment the sunshine.

☐ Buy new cushions for your sofa.

New cushions breathe life to your sofa. Refresh and make the sofa look as good as the first day you bought it.

☐ Throw a brunch for your family.

Brunch is served between breakfast lunch. It’s a lovely combination of foods typically served from 10am to 2pm. Banana bread, French toast, sweet potato muffins… there’s a long list to pick from!

☐ Try a light new workout.

Exercise makes you feel happier. It’s good for your bones and muscles, energy level, sleep quality – the list goes on! Many make the mistake to jump in at the deep end when trying a new workout regime. Start slow. Experts recommend five minutes a day to begin with and let your body naturall build energy and ability each day.

☐ Visit an orchard.

A visit to a traditional orchard reveals gnarled old trunks of fruit and nut trees bursting with blossoms and young leaves in the Springtime. A quintessentially British experience.

☐ Deeply de-clutter one room.

Pick a room and get your clutter under control. Empty the space, create a vision for the room and sort two piles of “the vision” and “out the door”. Organisation is key, so be sure to have smart storage units.

☐ Make a fruit salad.

Think watermelons, pineapple, berries, kiwi, bananas, melon, cantaloupe. This fresh, vibrant dish is a Spring essential.

☐ Donate to a local charity.

Donating is a selfless act. One of the major positive effects of donating money or time to charity is simply to feel good about giving. Help others and donate to a charity close to your heart.

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