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Changing a light fixture or fitting

The ceiling light is the focal point of the room and adds to the mood and theme of your decor. Hanging from the ceiling, it is an important but often forgotten part of the room when decorating apart from the occasional lampshade change.

This is due to the fact that everyone thinks they’re built in and a qualified electrician is needed to change it but with the right tools and some essential safety precautions it is easier than you think to change and will bring your room back to life along with the rest of home.

This video by Ultimate Handyman breaks down the process of fitting a new ceiling light whilst maintaining high safety standards.

Now you know how to change your light fixture see if any of these styles suit you!

Modern Gourd Style Pendant Lamp

Silver & Glass


Industry Style Ceiling Lamp




Round Pendant Light

Silver & Glass



Clear Round Pendant Light

Glass & Frosted 


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