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Which product: Choosing the best outdoor fitness equipment

There’s a certain revitalising feeling when exercising outside, also known as ‘green exercise’. Being out in the open and feeling the soft, cool breeze hit your face, while you work up a sweat – there is not many fresher feelings.

Green exercise comes with lots of physical and mental benefits – You’re more exposed to vitamin D, which helps maintain strong and healthy bones, whilst enhancing your mood.

As we know, for the best workout, you need the right equipment – we’ve come up with a list that focuses on working different body parts, which are all suitable for outdoors.


Widley known as ‘cardio’ – it’s a way to measure your body’s ability to deliver oxygen from your lungs to the cells, so it can be used for energy production. Working on your cardio comes with many benefits, such as maintaining blood pressure, losing weight, strengthening your immune system and improving sleep.  

Mini stepper

The repetitive motion of this HOMCOM mini stepper gets your heart and lungs working, whilst toning your lower body. It’s compact and light in weight, you can easily take it to the garden or local park.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: It has an LCD monitor to track time, step count and calories burnt – you can just focus on working out.

WATCH OUT: The exercise is limited due to its minimal motions – you can’t take big steps and it won’t work muscles as extensively as other machines.

Foldable bicycle trainer

You can ride your bike as fast as you like, whilst being in the garden. This stationary machine can be hooked up to just about any bike. It is foldable, so won’t take up lots of space when not in use.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: It has five resistance settings, so you can choose what’s comfortable for you. Once you find it easy, you can increase the resistance for a better workout. 

WATCH OUT: With the back wheel being constantly used, you might find the rear tyre wares quickly from the pressure. It’s best to use cheap, durable tyres when using the trainer.


Also known as weight training, resistance training and muscular training. It’s the best type of exercise to build your muscles and make your stronger. It’s also a great way to improve mobility, balance, coordination and posture. Your range of motion (ROM) will increase, making you more flexible.

Along with the array of physical benefits, comes lots of mental benefits too. Putting in hard work to reach your goals – it does wonders for your self-confidence. Like most exercises, weightlifting promotes the release of endorphins, which play a role in having a positive mood.

Adjustable 20kg barbell & dumbell set

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced weightlifter, this HOMCOM barbell set will tend to your training needs. It’s adjustable and can be used as dumbbells or a barbell. It comes with four 2kg plates, four 1.5kg plates, four 1.25kg plates, two 0.35kg short poles and one 0.5kg long pole – you choose the weight you’re comfortable with, once you find it easy, you can increase the weight.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: With this set, you can do squats, arm curls, shoulder press, deadlifts, front rows, etc. You’ll be able to target most muscles, keeping your workouts consistent.

WATCH OUT: Because they’re heavy, it is important to handle with care, especially when carrying. When lifting, ensure posture is correct to prevent injury. Don’t overdo it, if you feel any strain, it’s best to stop and consult your doctor.

Adjustable 20kg weight vest

This weight vest adds extra resistance to your training, making your workouts extra explosive. Traditional exercises such as press ups and sit ups will become a lot more intense, which means movement requires more energy.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: Weights can be added and removed, accommodating to beginners and experts alike.

WATCH OUT FOR: Wearing the vest in hotter climates may be uncomfortable, as it insulates the body and traps heat. It’s best to wear light clothing that keeps away moisture or has ventilation.


Just like mediation, yoga is known for stress relief, it teaches you to focus on your beathing techniques to boost physical and mental wellbeing. This form of exercise has been with us for around 5000 years – first originating in India. It is now a global practice, which has been adapted in many countries.

Fitness mat

For a successful yoga session, it is important you have a good mat. This one from HOMCOM is made from 0.9mm double walled PVC tarpaulin, so it stays firm when in use. It comes with an electric pump for quick inflation – it deflates just as quick. It can be rolled up and tucked into a bag, so you can take it practically anywhere.

OUR FAVOURITE THING: It’s easy to clean and can last a lifetime.  

WHAT TO WATCH FOR: If it gets wet (e.g from sweat), you might have a lose grip.

Aerobic step board

Step aerobics is like a high-intensity cardio workout, without putting pressure on your joints. It’s ideal for building strength, loosing fat and improving your cardiovascular health. The step movement targets your legs, upper body and core – building strength and flexibility.  

OUR BEST THING: The height is adjustable, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll choose the level you’re comfortable with.

WATCH OUT FOR: Using the step puts pressure on the Achilles tendon – if you do not use the correct technique when using, the platform can cause injury or rupture the Achilles. 

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