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Making your own dessert: the HOMCOM ice cream machine

No-one can argue about how delicious ice cream is. And who would have thought how easy it is to make – seriously. Yes, it may take longer than popping down to your closest food store, but the advantages are all here: you can enjoy the exact flavour you want, you can make it as creamy as you want, it’s cheaper and is plenty of fun to make – as well as bringing your family/friends together to have your own tasty creations.

The first thing you want to purchase is our very own HOMCOM ice cream maker. This compact and nifty device does more than just create ice cream, yes. How about milkshakes, yogurts, gelatos and sorbets? So whatever taste you’ve got on your mind, this device will cater to exactly. 

Okay, so your ice cream machine arrives. What next? Let’s start thinking about mixing and making.


Do not miss this step! Freeze the ice cream bowl the night before. Forget this, and there’s a chance your ice cream won’t freeze properly. Really – no-one wants that!


Gather your main, must-have ingredients: cream, full-fat milk and sugar and egg. You can leave out the egg, but the final result won’t be (as) creamy. Different recipes will have different measurements, so discover the best-sounding one to you and roll with that. 

Gather your other ingredients: now this can be according to the chosen recipe, or if you want to be a little inventive you can just add whatever you’re craving.


Bear in mind this is a general guidance for ice cream – vanilla to be specific. Ensure you follow your chosen recipe for the best output. 

1. Using a heavy-based saucepan, heat the cream, milk and half of the sugar on a low heat. Cut open the vanilla pod and scoop out all the inner black seeds, along with ⅓ of the actual pod.
Stir the mixture gently and occasionally, until it lightly starts bubbling. Take off heat, leave for 30 mins: this will give time for the vanilla to infuse to its fullest potential.

2. Grab a new bowl. Electric whisk the egg yolks and rest of sugar together for around two minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when the mixture drops like thick ribbons when scooped.

3. When the vanilla cream mixture has been given enough time to infuse, measure 125ml and beat into the egg mixture so it becomes runny. Reheat this mixture once more until nearly boiling.Grab a sieve and strain into the eggy-sugar mixture.
Then we heat up again: set the saucepan to a low heat once more, ensuring you’re continually stirring the combined mixture. When thick enough to coat your spoon, that’s when (the now custard) is ready.

4. Fill a large bowl – or your sink! – with ice and water. Place the bowl of custard into the ice bath to cool, stir gently to avoid skin forming. Leave in the fridge overnight.
Next day, scoop out the vanilla pods. Start pouring into the running ice cream machine – slowly. Let it churn for around 10-30 minutes so everything is properly mixed together.
Pour into a tub, cover with cling film and a lid and freeze for a minimum of three hours.


Now all the hard work and waiting is over, take out the ice cream when you’re ready to tuck in. Suggested you leave it for around 15 minutes before serving.

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