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Five ways of comfort: improving the life of your cat and dog

Whether you have a cat, dog or both, they’re part of the family. They spend their whole lives as our loving companions, boosting our mood and making us feel better. Our four-legged friends reduce stress, anxiety and depression. They really are full of joy and unconditional love.

With everything they do for us, the least we can do is make sure they’re treated to a life of fulfilment, comfort and luxury. We’ll show five ways to boost their quality of life, giving them the ‘thank you’ they deserve.

1. Pet furniture

We know the feeling of getting into a warm, cosy bed – the weight of the world being lifted from our shoulders, as we delve into the depths of relaxation. Or sinking into the sofa, forgetting all our worries, whilst idling away. Pets deserve the same experiences and with the right furniture, they can.

With two armrests and a high backrest, this pet sofa resembles human furniture – if they’re used to jumping on your couch, then they will get accustomed to their new spot quickly. It’s easy to maintain – the cushion cover is removable and washable, keeping their space clean and hygienic. You can choose either khaki or green – whatever style fits best in your home.  

For a cheaper option, this rattan bed is the go-to. It comes with a thick and soft polyester cushion, so cats and dogs alike can be forever snug. It’s a personal comfort zone, where they’ll feel safe and at ease. Made with a metal frame, it can hold up to 10kg, keeping them secure when resting.  

2. Playpen

Playpens are a different option to cages. One main difference is more space, so dogs can run around, play and pick a spot to rest, all within a confined area. They’re suitable for all dogs, but even more so for puppies, who are extremely energised and are more curious in nature. A playpen gives them a safe space to know their surroundings. 

These dog pens are suitable for indoors and outdoors. You can set them up at home, giving them their own space to relax, whilst stopping them from going to restricted areas. You can also set up in a garden, down the local park or even on camping trips, providing a secure and personal area wherever you go.

This dog playpen is a prime example of the benefits they offer. It has got eight panels, surrounded with breathable mesh, keeping their area nicely ventilated. There’s Oxford cloth at the bottom for comfort, so they don’t have to lay on the ground, providing a homey feel. The fact the cloth can be removed and washed, makes it even better. This pen can be folded and placed into a bag, so wherever you and your pet are, they’ll have a familiar space to go to.

3. Cat house

It’s a known fact that cats enjoy their own company – they need somewhere to go for some peace and alone time. Cat houses provide security, comfort and privacy – everything needed to keep your pet happy.

This PawHut cat perch has two adjustable hooks, it can be hung in higher spots – it gives them a chance to get out of the way, whilst its open design lets them observe from above. It can be hung on windowsills and shelves, saving space in your home.  They’ll be relaxing on a soft and cosy cushion, which is removable for cleaning. 

If you want something to benefit you and your cat, then this ottoman footstool is a superb choice. You can put your feet up, whilst the hole in the middle is a cosy space for pets. Whether you’ve experienced it with your own cat or seen it online, you’ll know they LOVE confined spaces. From washing machines to small carboard boxes, if there’s a small space, they will try to get in there. That’s why they’ll find solace inside this ottoman. Another peaceful place for them to nap or just simply lay. There’s a cushion inside, which can be removed and washed. 

It’s nice for cats to have a go-to spot inside – it’ll be even nicer if they have a spot for outside too.  Shaped like a real home, this spacious cat house has two floors – it’ll be like having their very own residency. They can roam around and choose a spot to relax. It comes with an openable asphalt roof, keeping them sheltered from hot and wet weather. The fact the roof opens makes it easy to clean their space, whilst keeping their area ventilated, stopping bad odours building up.

4. Cat litter box

We all need privacy when using the loo – it should be no different for our pets. Providing a litter box not only gives them personal space, but it stops them from fouling in restricted areas around the house.

The best type of litter boxes are the ones designed as cabinets – they come with so many perks, such as having a private and enclosed area, whilst the doors keep the litter out of sight, as well as stopping unpleasant odours from spreading around the room. They’re also very stylish – you can use the top to decorate your space with favourite ornaments, enhancing your décor. You’ll benefit from these cabinets, just as much as your feline friend.  

This cabinet is a great example. Behind its two doors, is a discreet litter box, giving your cat utmost privacy. They’ll use the side hole to get in and out, so you can keep the two main doors shut. There’s a removable inner wall – you can have to separate sections if needed.  


If you have limited space at home, then this enclosed litter box is the one. Its compact size can fit perfectly anywhere – it still gives pets a discrete location, thanks to the push-through door. This ideal box comes with a carry handle at the top, so you can take it wherever you and your pet go. With a removable tray, litter scoop, rubbish bags and a sterilisation mat, cleaning dirty litter has never been easier.  

5. Raised pet bowls

Even a simple task like eating and drinking, can be made even more comfortable with the right piece. Take these raised pet bowls as an example. Its elevated design suits larger and older dogs – it stops them from bending down to drink and eat, where they could strain and hurt themselves. There’s a hidden cabinet to keep their supplies, so it’s quick and easy to refill their bowl.

For a different option – this raised feeder will do the trick. Its raised design can be adjusted to different heights, making it suitable for all pets, no matter their size. Again, it will stop pets from straining themselves, as they won’t bend down to eat or drink.

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