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We’re in winter – the colder months are still here, which means going outside isn’t always the best option. This could be difficult with children, especially when they’re at home all weekend or on their holidays. Trying to keep them entertained may feel like an impossible job.  

You’ll be happy to know, there’s an abundance of ways to keep kids happy and occupied, which doesn’t involve leaving the house or staring at a screen all day. Whether it’s the weekends, after school or the holidays, there is something here that will grab their attention, provide lots of fun and they can learn a thing or two!

So, no more hearing the dreaded words “I’m bored”. Check out these options to make indoors extra enjoyable.


As we all know, kids have lots of energy – it’s not always easy tending to their hyperactive ways, especially at home. That’s why a boxing set could be an excellent choice. Not only entertaining, but it’s great for exercising and keeping active – they’ll be completely worn out by the end. It also comes with extra benefits, such as improving coordination skills and cardio.

This boxing set comes with a pair of gloves, a punchbag and pump – kids will look and feel the part, as they throw punches at the firm punchbag. The best thing is, it has a 360° spring installed, so whichever way it’s punched, it rebounds back – great for improving reaction speed. You can change the height to suit your preference, which also means it will be around for a while – as your child gets taller, you’ll adjust the pole.


A classic – an accessory that’s captured the imagination for generations. The fun is endless and there’s educational advantages too, such as learning about spatial awareness and understanding three dimensions, whilst boosting creative confidence and hand-eye coordination. Another great benefit? They’ll spend less time staring at a screen or iPad.   

This doll house comes with lots of accessories, so children can learn to play together. Its bright, colourful and vibrant appearance has a princess feel to it, which is best suited for little girls. They will create their own world and spend hours playing make-believe games, freeing up time for parents or guardians to get on with other things.


Playsets come in many different forms and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they are amazing at grabbing the attention – imaginative scenarios are limitless. They are captivating and helps with their creative thinking, especially when using the toy utensils for roleplaying games.

When you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner, they could be in this pretend HOMCOM kitchen playset doing the same. With realistic features, such as a simulation faucet, dials, cooking bench, oven, phone, sink and stainless pots, it’s like being in the real thing. Not only great fun, but it’s a fantastic way to teach children about kitchen etiquette and how to use utensils properly and safely.

For a cheaper option, this pretend kitchen supermarket trolley will do the trick. It includes several accessories, such as a cash register, checkout counter, play money and various kitchen supplies – they’ll do their pretend shopping, whilst someone else can play the cashier. The drawer and label on the cash register move when the buttons are pushed for extra fun and engagement.

For little girls dreaming of being a princess – this pretend vanity set is a superb option. It features a mirror, crown, necklace, comb, hair dryer and much more. The best thing about this set? It’s magical – there’s an infrared induction, so when you wave your hands in front of the mirror, the doors automatically open with lights and music – bringing their fantasies to reality.

Kids that love cars, we’ve got something for them too. This five-level toy garage comes with spiralling ramps, four plastic toy cars, a helicopter and much more. They’ll spend their time racing the cars and using the cool features. There’s also the option for a seven-level garage, which has an electrical elevator and more.


Another classic that has entertained our children for centuries – the rocking horse. Its back-and-forth motion is a great soothing technique, perfect for when kids are feeling at unease or irritated. It’s also beneficial for their early development – controlling the handlebars and placing their arms and legs in the right places encourages coordination between the hands, legs and feet, as well as improving their balance. They’re simple, yet effective – it is no wonder they’ve been useful for hundreds of years. 

We’ve now seen the evolution of the rocking horse. Take this rocking toy as an example, it makes neighing sounds when the ears are pressed, which provides an immersive experience, adding to the fun.  

They’re so many types of rocking animals to choose from – it doesn’t have to be a horse. There are elephants, donkeys, penguins, lions, giraffes, bears and much more. Whatever their favourite animal may be, they can get it as a rocking toy.  

You’ll notice some of these include a soft high back and sides, so younger children are secure and won’t fall off.


You can never go wrong with a foot-to-floor ride-on. It’s a practical way to keep kids happy, even if they’re just riding around the living room. Since they’re using their feet to move, it’s great for strengthening their legs – perfect for toddlers that are taking their first steps. Through navigating the toy vehicle, they will have a better understanding of spatial awareness, as they learn to not bump into things and how to steer properly.   

There’s a variety of vehicles to choose from. You can go for the realistic approach by choosing this two-in-one ride-on, where toddlers can either sit and use their legs to move, or they can use it as a walker to improve their balance.

You can also choose a ride-on with a strong-leading theme, like this HOMCOM truck. Children can pretend to be a builder – the included safety helmet helps them look the part, whilst they have full control of the digger to ‘build’. It’s an interactive experience, especially with the colourful lights and music; an awesome way to stop kids from being bored at home.  


Create your very own playground at home. Play centres usually feature one of the three E’s (engaging, entertaining and educational). They are a simple and effective way to have fun in a safe environment, whilst learning and helping with their development.

Take this three-in-one kids swing slide set as an example. It features a slide, swing and basketball hoop – everything you’d find down your local park. It’s perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and muscle development. It is quite compact, so it can fit in their bedroom or pop it in the living room.

For younger children and toddlers, this foldable foam mat is a must-have. It certainly has the three E’s, as It features numbers and letters that can be moved and rearranged – great for educational games and improving their cognitive ability. It’s made of EVA foam, so it’s safe to play on and has a comfortable touch.

This soft playset is excellent for early learning, as it teaches them how to use their imagination, whilst encouraging logical and creative thinking.  They’ll stack the brightly coloured blocks – which are different shapes – to make different objects. They’ll learn to understand what shapes can fit together; a great way to keep them occupied and improve their critical thinking.  

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