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How to Play:
1. Log-in to play.
2. Peter the rabbit is trying to escape.
3. Surround Peter with Easter eggs to prevent him from getting away.
4. For each egg you lay, Peter will move one square, try to block his escape.
5. Once Peter has been contained, you win!
6. There are 10 attempts to play the game every day.
7. By sharing on social media, you will be able to unlock another 10 plays.
8. You will achieve a score based on how many times the rabbit hops. The fewer hops, the higher the score.
9. The top 5 scores will receive Aosom prizes!
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Escaping Peter Easter Game
● Each player gets 10 attempts each day. More plays can be unlocked by sharing on social media or returning the next day.
● The leader board comprises of those who have managed to contain Peter with him taking the least number of steps.
● Should there be equal scores in the leader board, in any position, a winner or winners will be randomly chosen to win a prize.
● 1st prize (Golden Rabbit): HOMCOM Exercise Bike - value as of 24/03/2021 - £165.99
● 2nd prize (Silver Rabbit): Outsunny Garden Swing Chair - value as of 24/03/2021 - £94.99
● 3rd prize (Bronze Rabbit): HOMCOM Office Desk - value as of 24/03/2021 - £79.99
● 4th and 5th prize – 5,000 Aosom.co.uk loyalty reward points worth £50 – please refer to Loyalty Reward points policy on usage terms and conditions.
● Winners will be contacted within 5 working days of game ending (07/04/2021).
● Winners are expected to reply within 48 hours of being contacted. Failure to do so may result in another winner being chosen.
● Should any prizes be out of stock, a replacement of similar value will be chosen by Aosom.
● Aosom reserves the right to share the name of the winner on our social media pages to our followers.
● Delivery of prizes must be to a UK mainland address.
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