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Garden Sheds

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For mass amounts of outdoor and garden storage with no home, a shed is the answer. These specialised storage buildings are certainly an essential part of everyone’s garden, and we’ve got a whole selection to find the right one for yours too. Delve into a range of styles and sizes made to suit practically every leisure space. Sizes include: small corner tool sheds, single door vertical sheds, sizes including 8x6ft, 10x10ft and even as large as 12.5 x 11.1ft for those looking for something extra spacious.

Picking the shell material is just as important as the size of the shed itself. Outsunny’s garden hut shop consists of sheds formed of two main materials to select: wood and metal – both have their separate advantages. Wood is the more traditional option and is ideal for bringing a softer and stylish touch to outdoor areas. Wooden sheds are also easier to customise – adding a window or painting it a favourite colour is fairly simple. Conversely, modern metal is much tougher and sturdier for obvious reasons and therefore will protect equipment better – great for housing bikes, lawnmowers and BBQs. Metal, such as aluminium and corrugated steel, is also harder to break into.

All of our sheds arrive flat packed – some may not include foundations, so please check the listing before purchasing.

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