Small apartments and houses have a lot of charm, but are often unattractive in terms of kitchen space. Fortunately, there are plenty of small kitchen ideas to maximize storage and efficiency. By creatively thinking about how to make the most of your small kitchen floor plan and use any countertop and wall space you have, you can make even the smallest kitchen a space where you like to cook and hang out.

Tips 1: Choose multi-functional kitchen island with strong storage
Adding a kitchen island to a small kitchen may not sound like a good idea. However, the idea of a foldable kitchen island can be a perfect way to add extra storage space and surface space.Choose an island like the one above ,simply expand the drop leaf countertop and fold it right back up when you'e done to save kitchen space.
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Tips 2: No Room for an Island? Try a Cart Instead
If your kitchen does not have enough space to accommodate a kitchen island, then a rolling kitchen cart will provide you with many benefits of an island, and it will be more versatile. You can move it to the center of the kitchen to prepare food, or use it as a buffet table when guests arrive. Then roll it away when you don't need it.
Tips 3: Utilise wall space to create a compact design
When space is at a premium, clever compact kitchen designs come in handy. Building a row of cabinets against the wall is a great way to streamline and open up the space. The high wall unit is particularly suitable for narrow kitchen style kitchens because it can provide amazing storage space
Tips 4: Consider Open Shelves
Consider open shelving, as they help alleviate a cramped space while providing you an opportunity to showcase your kitchenware essentials.
Tips 5: Slot in a tiny table
If you haven’t got space for an island or large dining table, look out for a bistro-style table for two or expanding versions. Better still, install a fold-down table or desk that can be used when you want to eat or prepare food, but won’t take up any room otherwise. If you want extra space to hide those spices, salt and pepper mills and more, opt for one with storage.