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Rattans are often used for making baskets and furniture. When cut into sections, rattan can be used as wood to make indoor and outdoor furniture. Moreover, the inner core can be separated and worked into wicker. Rattan furniture has the advantages of waterproof and UV resistance, which is good to use outdoors.
Rattan accepts paints and stains like many other kinds of wood, so it is available in many colors, like grey and cream. And it can be worked into many styles, such as rattan sofa (generally in size of 2 seater, 4 seater and 6 seater), rattan loungers, rattan baskets always with handle and rattan cushions always with lids for storage. Manufacturers tend to sell them in a complete set, like package rattan corner sofa,rattan single sofa, rattan footstool, several rattan cushions and rattan cube together to sell.

When summer comes, a set of rattan furniture can make your home much more comfortable.
A rattan dining set, with rattan table and chairs in the dining room or living room will add nature elements to your home. A rattan armchair brings you a cool enjoyment in the summer after a whole day stress.
By sunset, with a whole day’s stress, it's hard for you to find a better way to relax during the warm summer months than resting in a rattan lounger. For kids, rattan swing or rattan hanging chair, rattan egg chair maybe their best love. rattan coffee table is so popular as a kind of rattan garden furniture. It can’t be better to have one more rattan gazebo, sitting under which to drink coffee and enjoy summer time. There are quite a lot of bistro also made of rattan.
Summer is the best selling season for rattan furniture. Many shops will offer discounts or clearance sale at that time. It’s a wise choice to purchase rattan furniture in spring-summer. At Aosom, we try our best to offer you a great range of good quality rattan furniture at reasonable price.