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HOMCOM Hamster Cage, W/Wheel, Water Bottle-Blue

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SKU: D2-0052

Homcom Hamster Cage Wheel with Mouse Water Bottle in Blue
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Homcom Hamster Cage Wheel with Mouse Water Bottle in Blue
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This is an inspirationally designed hamster cage with the necessities for housing and entertaining your lovely pets. Keep your small pet
entertained in this small and fun packed animal playground, which minimize the space to place your cage. This item is suitable for small animals such as small/dwarf Hamsters, Mice, Small Gerbils and Small rats.

Key Features

  • This hamster cage comes complete with platforms, fun ramps, an exercise wheel, water bottle, food bowl and hamster house.
  • The colourful tubing system allows your pet to have more room to run about and to have an exciting exploration in the cage.
  • Features an easy accessible large top opening and a large front door and a convenient carry handle.
  • Use environmental-friendly and non-toxic material, no harmful to your lovely friends.
  • Some gerbils may be likely to excessive chewing and wire grill is more suitable for housing it.
  • The wire grill is removable, so sometimes give your pets a more open space.
  • Suitable for standard sized Syrian Hamsters, Gerbils, Dwarf hamster and mice.
  • The item comes flat-packed.



Brand New



Item No. D2-0052

White and Blue with colourful tube

Dimensions with Tube

40 x 29 x 32cm

Dimensions without Tube

33 x 23 x 24cm

Tube Width 5cm
Bar Spacing


Gross/Net Weight 1.54/1.44kg


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