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Review Guidelines
Review Guidelines

We’re always looking for ways to make Aosom better for our customers. And products reviews let us do just that. You’re the experts with first-hand experience who have purchased from us – by giving you the platform to voice your opinion, we know other buyers will be making better-informed decisions on what’s right for them. See more details

  1. Who can leave a review?
    Only customers who have purchased the product themselves.
  2. How do I leave a review?
    You can do this two ways: Log into your account and find the order and go from there, or you can follow the link in the email sent upon purchase.
  3. How do our reviews work?
    You’ll be asked about the product, the customer service and delivery. Reviews are formed of ratings from one to five stars (one being the lowest). You’ll also have room to write any comments you deem necessary.
  4. Are reviews monitored and can they be withdrawn?
    All reviews are checked by us and if they abide by our guidelines, they will be published. The Aosom team have the right to contact the author at any given time.

    Reviews will not be accepting for the following reasons:
    • They are of an advertising nature and include hyperlinks, phone numbers and email addresses.
    • The content is spam.
    • The review is off-topic and is that of a different product.
    • The stars awarded do not match the content of the review.
    • The content is that of a political, abusive, obscene, offensive, or sexually explicit nature.
    • It is considered to be of a defamatory nature (allegation or attribution of a fact which affects a person’s character and reputation), or if the review is seen to be a personal attack.
    • It was submitted after a claim of identity theft.
    • It contains personal data or personal and confidential information, i.e. bank card numbers.
    • It encourages hatred, discrimination, homophobia, xenophobia, racism or violence.